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Wk/c 30.3.20 & Easter Holidays                                                                             Willow Home Learning 


Dear Willow,

We hope that you and your families remain fit and healthy. Well done, for all the fantastic work and activities that you have been doing at home with parents/carers. Thank you for your messages on Purplemash - keep staying in touch.


In addition to the Science & Art tasks, here are some ideas for you over the next few weeks:

  • Purplemash - English Greek Myths. Trojan Horse News report. This can be done online or you can produce your own paper copy. Use our learning in class to write a newspaper report 'Trick or Treat'. Remember the key features of report writing and try to include direct & reported speech.
  • Keep A Diary - these are historic times. Find out about Samuel Pepys' diary - what did he write about?
  • plazoom - check out free literacy lessons & topic packs.
  • Purplemash - Paint Project. Medusa, Pandora's Box.
  • Maths - Try WhiteRose lessons online -
  • Maths - Measures. Cooking and baking - weighing ingredients.      
  •              Telling the Time - converting analogue/digital. Try to use and introduce time-telling                 into everyday tasks.



Willow Home Learning Art Challenge

David Walliams is reading one audio story every day for the next 30 days (beginning this week.)

 Go to his website and enjoy The World's Worst Children daily at 11am 'Elevenses'.



Hello Willow Children and Parents                                                                                    25.3.20

We hope that you are getting used to working and playing at home more. This lovely weather certainly helps when taking your once-a-day exercise. Just a reminder to parents that if they have any questions, concerns or feedback, they are able to contact us on        


Purplemash email - Willow class, remember that you can stay in touch with each other and contact Mrs de Lancey-Wheeler & Mrs Woodroff too. It would be lovely to hear what you are doing to keep busy. smiley




Hello Everyone                                                                                                                  23.3.20

Most importantly, we hope you are all safe and well.

In addition to the Home-Learning Packs, we would like to draw your attention to another online learning platform, as recommended by our advisory team.

This features English and Maths activities for each year group.

Best Wishes



Dear Willow Pupils and Parents                                                                                       18.3.20

Today your child brought home a Home Learning Pack, which contains a range of cross-curricular activities to explore in order to support reflection, consolidation and continued learning over the next period of time.

The school will be sending regular updates and information. Keep an eye on the website and class pages too.

We wish you all well and take care.

                                                     Mrs. de Lancey-Wheeler & Mrs.Woodroff

Welcome back Willow Class,


We hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and are now well rested and ready to travel back in time to Ancient Greece.  Please take a look at the cross-curricular map below to find out what lies ahead.


If you have any resources at home that would support our topic please bring them into school. Thank you.


                                                                                        Mrs. de Lancey-Wheeler & Mrs. Woodroff

Spring Topic Web 2020

Willow class make ice cream (and learn about states of matter too!)

Teeth - Willow class have been learning about their teeth and how to keep them healthy.

Learning about the digestive system

Elephant documentaries

Still image for this video
Willow class have been learning about how species fit into their habitats and how changes in their habitats can threaten the survival of species. We watched a film about the threats posed to elephants when their habitat is in conflict with farmland and how the International Fund for Animal Welfare helps to move them to safety. Then we made our own documentaries. Some of the larger videos are on our new videos page, which you can get to through a link on the parents information tab.

The Great Escape!

Willow class was investigating air resistance in science. We looked at the way that the shape of an object can increase or decrease the resistance it has to water and air by watching the Bloodhound experiments on the internet. Streamlining an object can decrease its resistance; however, sometimes it is helpful to increase air resistance, for example, when falling from a height. To find out how much air resistance it would take to protect an egg, Willow class designed parachutes to carry their eggs safely from the top of the climbing frame down to the ground. Have a look at the picture to see what happened when we tested them!

Willow's science topic - electricity

Q: What did Willow Class do on the afternoon of Thursday 19th May?

A: They made quiz boxes!

As part of their science topic on electricity, children in Willow class put all their electrical knowledge and design skills to the test to make quiz boxes. Each box poses a question with a choice of answers. Press the button next to your answer and see if the bulb lights up! If the buzzer sounds, you've made a mistake! It was quite a challenge to make sure the circuits were correctly wired and even more of a test to finish the box neatly so that all the workings were hidden away inside. Have a look at the pictures to see how they got on.

Chloe and Rachel's quiz boxKeira's quiz boxAmber and Miriam's quiz boxJordan and Alex's quiz box


Get writing over the weekend or finish off your garden/nature inspired poem, to be handed in on Monday 14th March please, with name and year on the front.


Remember your entry forms should be in on Monday 7th March, if you are entering the competition.

Go on, give it a go!

Toothpaste experiments


For our work on teeth, we carried out some experiments on different makes of toothpaste. These are similar to the experiments carried out by scientists who develop toothpastes for sale in the shops. We tested them for foaminess and taste. We made our tests fair by testing the same amount of toothpaste for the same length of time, and we recorded our results. Have a look at the pictures of our tests!

Our toothpaste experiments