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By the end of this first full week (Wk/c 7.9.20) your Yr4/5 child should come home with a 'reading book' from school and their purple Reading for Pleasure Journal. The reading books are made up of 'free reader' fiction books (from our 'bubble' library selection) and for some children, accompanied by schemed books too, to support their continued decoding.

Your child will have been guided by an adult in selecting their 'free reader' books, however, if your child is struggling with the level of text (decoding and comprehension) then we can make suitable changes. Please be patient, as this process may take a little while to get right.

The AIM at this level in school, is reading for pleasure. Children are,of course,allowed (and encouraged) to read additional books from home too.

Reading for Pleasure Journals:

are like scrapbook diaries, to record our explorations as a reader. During and after completing any book or text, please encourage your child to write down for eg. any new words and meanings, draw and write about an interesting character, write a short book recommendation. YOU WILL FIND FURTHER GUIDANCE IN THE JOURNAL and more to follow over the next few weeks, in order to know how best to support your child.

Parents/carers are also allowed to write in the Journals. We shall collect in Journals every few weeks to monitor reading routines and support progression, giving advice on 'what to read next' and offering opportunities to read from a range of genres and authors.

Please try to keep the school 'reading books' and Journal in bags daily (take them out to read at home and put back in bags.) If your child has finished their book(s) they just need to let the Willow Staff know and they can be changed.

Your child will participate in additional daily reading activities in school, from class shared texts, guided reading groups, reading for research and listening to a range of cross-curricular books read by Staff.

If you have any questions or would like further advice on how to support your child's reading, please contact us on the class email




WELCOME BACK WILLOW. Well done to all Yr.4 and 5 for making our return to class such a success. Below are a few reminders of new routines and guidance to help keep us all safe:

You will need to enter the playground via the Village Hall side gate - we will meet you and direct you straight into the main cloakroom. Using the toilet block at that end, you will wash hands before going into Willow classroom.

  • You will have your own personal stationery packs provided in school (so do not need to bring your own pens/pencils etc.)

  • Please bring a named filled water bottle which you will bring into the classroom.

  • Wk/c 7.9.20 you will need to bring PE kits to leave in school: white t-shirt, black shorts, tracksuit bottoms, sweatshirt/fleece and trainers.

  • Bring a healthy snack for break time.

      See the document below for Willow's guide to Keeping Safe.

Keeping Safe In School - WILLOW




Wk/c 13.7.20                The Final Countdown...

We look forward to seeing as many of Willow as can make it on our Great Time-Traveller Quiz 

ZOOM meetings MONDAY 13th Yr4 and TUESDAY 14th Yr5 both at 2pm. Invite details have been sent via Parentmail - remember you will need a pen/paper and please have audio off during quiz.

This final week of term, we are all thinking about and planning for our next steps and returning to school in September. This is an exciting time but in these unusual circumstances, we understand some of you will be feeling a little worried too. Mrs de Lancey-Wheeler and Mrs Woodroff have written letters of welcome and support to the new Yr4s - it is worth our new Yr5s taking a look at these (available on Ash class page) to remind you how important your role will be and reflect on the amazing progress you have made. We are very much looking forward to seeing you back in Willow in September. New Yr6s have already had a successful meeting with Mrs Cooper and we wish them all the best next year - we know how great you all are!

MESSAGES FOR OUR LEAVERS: If you would like to send any positive messages to our current Yr6s to say 'goodbye' and 'good luck' in their new adventures beyond Fen Drayton, please email You could even design them one of your terrific t-shirts!


If any of you have any questions or concerns about 'moving on' please drop us an email on your Purplemash email or Willow@fendrayton.cambs.sch   

We would like to thank all of Willow, children and parents, for your hard work, resilience and resourcefulness over the last few months. Have a wonderful Summer break. smiley

Hello Year 5 children,


I have uploaded the 'Getting to Know Me' document for you to complete over the summer holiday.  Have a look at the finished example and please make it as colourful as possible.  In September, please bring it in and we can share them with the class. 


Meanwhile, have a lovely summer- stay safe.


Mrs Cooper

Getting to Know Me activity for Year 5 children

MAKE A TIME CAPSULE - Use the attached resources to help you make a time capsule for future Time-Travelling Historians, which captures and reflects this unusual time in 2020.

You could bury it in your garden, hide it in the attic or tuck it under your bed!

Hello Willow Class,


Well done those of you who completed the Happy T-Shirt Challenge.  You can see their designs (some of them beautifully modeled by their creators) in our Class Gallery. 



When we return to school in September things will be a little different. Hand washing and cleaning will be part of our daily routine.  We already have put some posters up around the school to remind us of this but it would be great if we could replace them with some new ones – which YOU have designed. They will need to be bright, bold and say ‘wash your hands’. Once you have completed your poster on A4 paper, please email a photo of it to me, on Purple Mash 2mail, or our Willow Class address and I will laminate and display the best examples. There is no hurry to complete this challenge but if you do decide to have a go please email your results to me before the end of the summer holidays. 


This week's Classroom Secrets home learning pack contains some puzzles and games in FRENCH, so I won't be setting any more activities but I would encourage you to have a go at the 'triominoes'.


Have fun.

Hello Year 5 children,

It was lovely to see you all today on our Zoom call.  I hope that you found it informative and that you are looking forward to September snd being a Year 6 child. 

We are having problems with the scanner in school so I have been unable to put the 'Getting to Know Me' document on the website.  I will try again tomorrow. I have left the copies of the document just outside Mrs Dickinson's office.

Have a lovely summer.

Mrs Cooper

Wk/c 6.7.20

Thank you once again, to those of you who have been in contact to share your super home-learning. We have been delighted this week to read some fabulous descriptive writing,based on the Shipwreck in the Storm text and painting,and to see your wonderfully imaginative island shelters - very creative (amazing how many glue guns there are washed up on a deserted island - who knew?!)

This week, we are preparing for the end of our time-travelling adventures and have provided some exciting Maths Challenge work, based around a virtual trip to the museum. 

We would like to invite Willow to the GREAT TIME-TRAVELLING QUIZ

YEAR 4:MONDAY 13th July and YEAR 5:TUESDAY 14th, both at 2pm. 

Invites will be sent out for these ZOOM meetings via Parentmail

To prepare your History Detective brains for our grand finale quiz next week, take a look at BBC Bitesize History (reflecting on Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, WW2 and previously covered topics.) Test your knowledge also on CBBC Horrible Histories quizzes.


Museum Maths Challenge


WRITING CHALLENGE - The author David Long, who wrote the Animal Heroes and Surviviors books (all based on true stories) has added a new one to his collection- Diary of a Time Traveller.

Inspired by your travels back through History,to the past, have a go at recounting your experiences, using your History knowledge from topics we've covered this year in Willow. You might include dates to show how far back you travelled and key facts about that age/civilization or time.A diary recount should be told through first person, usually in past tense and include details that will interest the reader - maybe choose at least one exciting event for each eg. Meeting the Boy King; Performing in the first Olympic event, or the night you spent under the Morrison shelter, listening to the Blitz. 

WhiteRose Maths Yr 4 wk/c 6.7.20

WhiteRose Maths Yr5 Wk/c 6.7.20

Hello Willow Class,


Well done all of you who competed in our virtual sports day last week. From the photographs, it looks as if you had fun earning house points and keeping fit!


 I have noticed that during lockdown, people have been wearing t-shirts with positive messages and pictures. Some have been designed for charity, some just to make us smile. Your ART challenge this week, is to design one of your own. You can find more details and a t-shirt template below.  


For FRENCH this week, you will be reviewing your knowledge of shape.  Use pages 24-25 to see just how much you remember.


Have fun!


Art Challenge - Design a T-Shirt

Willow Class science lesson 11

Wk/c 29.6.20

This week kicks off with Fen Drayton's exciting Virtual Sports Day. Join in the fun at home: complete 3 core events and then move on to the challenges. Collect up points for your House and email in the scores by 10pm on Monday 29th June. We would love to see some photographs too. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE.

Virtual Sports Day Results

The results are in -


Coots: 585

Swans: 605

Mallards: 690


Congratulations and well done to everyone who took part. Thanks to those of you at home who sent in your scores, colouring sheets and photographs. Thanks also to those in school who helped to organise the event and collect up the results. Great work! smiley

Virtual Sports Day Event Information

Wk/c 29.6.20 Home Learning

Pobble 365 29th June Shipwreck

WhiteRose Yr4 Statistics - Charts and Graphs

WhiteRose Yr5 Measuring/Angles

Hello Willow Class,


I was really impressed by your Holiday Island work over the last two weeks. Thank you to those who have sent me pictures of their work or agreed to share it during our Zoom meetings last week. Your work showed real creativity.  Well done!  This week your ART challenge continues with the island theme - see the next block for more details. 


For FRENCH this week I would like you to have a go at the activities on pages 22-23 and revise your knowledge of colours.  


Don't forget to take part in our virtual sports day on Monday. 


Have fun!  

Art Challenge - Shipwreck Shelter

Dear Year 5 - Reception Buddies for Year 6


Mrs. Green has put together the lists of Reception Buddies for you next year, in Yr6. Please see your Purplemash email for your buddy's name.

We thought it would be a good idea for you to write a letter, introducing yourself. You could include details about yourself for eg. what you like doing, some encouraging information about our school (best bits) and what you are looking forward to being able to do, to support them as they join Fen Drayton. 

Please send either a word document attachment or a photo of your letter to Mrs Green's email before Wednesday 1st July. Your letter will then be sent out to your Buddy in their Welcome Pack. If you need any help, please contact us.   smiley



Wk/c 22.6.20

It was lovely to see so many of you, as we dropped off your 'special deliveries.' We hope that you have enjoyed making and flying your World War II planes, reading the poems and savouring your sweet rations. Thanks to those who have been in touch to express your appreciation. We would be delighted to share any of the mini-topic related activities.

This week, to link up with Mrs. Woodroff's Island Art project, there are two exciting Maths Challenges - try to 'Escape the Island' first and if you are successful, attempt 'Escape The Island Extreme'. There is also a Pobble English activity called 'Stranded', to stretch your imagination and flex those writing skills. 

As usual, please find attached the WhiteRose and Classroom Secrets home-learning packs. These are designed to fit in with BBC Bitesize daily lessons - Look out for Wednesday's National Writing Day Lesson.

ZOOM MEETINGS: Thursday 25th 2pm Willow Boys and Friday 26th 2pm Willow Girls. 

Invitation to join details have been sent out, as before, via Parentmail. We look forward to welcoming you all, sharing your news and showing your home-learning and art projects. smiley

Escape The Island Maths Challenge 1

Escape The Island Extreme

Pobble English Stranded

WhiteRose Yr4 Decimal notation money

WhiteRose Yr5 Decimal Calculation

Hello Willow Class,


In week 2 of your 'Holiday Island' ART challenge, you will be adding a third dimension to your map. (Please see below for more details and examples.) I am hoping that some of you will be willing to share your work during our Zoom meetings at the end of the week. If you haven't already created your 2D map, you might just want to have a look at Robert's super creation in the 'Holiday Island' Gallery for inspiration. 


For FRENCH this week I would like you to have a go at the revision activities on pages 20-21. How much can you remember?  


(Remember you can contact your classmates - and teachers - on Purple Mash.)


Have fun!  

Science lesson week 9

New message: Special Delivery smiley

Willow, we wanted to reward you and say 'thank you' for all your hard work and effort with your learning at home, and so we shall be making some special deliveries to you all, both in the village and beyond (hopefully on Friday 19th - weather permitting.) Socially distancing, we shall knock and drop by your door, with a cheery wave. Not to worry if you are out, we shall leave it outside, 'rain-proofed'!

We hope that as well as helping to bring our time-travelling explorations of WWII to an end, this little surprise will bring a smile to your face. A reminder to you all, that although we cannot be together in school at the moment, we are thinking about you and look forward to the time when 'We'll Meet Again.'

Until then, 'Keep Calm and Carry On' Home-learning. 

Mrs. de Lancey-Wheeler and Mrs. Woodroff.

Dame Vera Lynn, the Nation's 'sweetheart' who sang for the soldiers in WW2, died today on 18th June 2020, at the age of 103. Celebrate her contribution to the war effort,by listening to the songs she will always be remembered for, such as: 'We'll Meet Again' and 'White Cliffs Of Dover.' BBC School Radio War Songs.

Wk/c 15.6.20

Hello Willow, another busy week. It was lovely to see so many of you at our last Zoom meetings and share all the fantastic activities you have been doing at home, from sewing Land Girl dungarees, filling your jars with Things To Look Forward To, beautiful story quilts, topic research into animal war heroes and even a live science experiment - wow!

Remember, to check out the winning 500 Words stories, read by celebrities on the BBC Radio 2 500 Words website. Did you select the top 3 in each age category?

This week would have seen the Year 4s participate in the annual Mini-Olympics event. The organizers, South Cambridgeshire Schools Sports Partnership, have put together a virtual challenge event for you instead. We thought that Yr5 would also enjoy taking part and it will be a great 'warm-up' for Fen Drayton's own virtual Sports Day coming up soon. Have fun. smiley

To accompany this event, there is another mini-topic this week all about the OLYMPICS.


Mini-Olympics Challenge

Olympics Topic Work

Classroom Secrets Home Learning Pack Yr4

Classroom Secrets Home Learning Pack Yr5

WhiteRose Yr 4 Week 8

WhiteRose Yr5 Week 8

Hello Willow Class,


It was super being able to share some of your art work during our Zoom meeting last week.  Thank you to those who volunteered to talk to us about your 'Story Quilts' - I think we  learnt something new about all of you. 


Your next ART challenge is inspired by Logan’s ‘Story Quilt’ where he illustrated some of the activities he’d put in his ‘Things to Look Forward to Jar’. Like many of us, he is looking forward to a day, or maybe even a holiday, at the seaside. So your challenge this week is to design and create a map for your ideal holiday island. 

This project will last two weeks. For the first week you will be working in 2D -  the second week you will be adding a third dimension to your work. 


For FRENCH this week we are revising birthdays again.  I would like you to look at pages 18 and 19 of the activity booklet.  You will need a partner for page 18 - so you might have to teach a member of your family a few French phrases. Good luck! (Remember you can contact your classmates- and teachers - on Purple Mash.)


Have fun!  

Art Challenge - Holiday Island

Wk/c 8.6.20

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible this week for our Zoom meetings:

Monday Yr5 and Tuesday Yr4, both at 2pm. Invite details sent via Parentmail.

Don't forget to email us any questions and it would be lovely to share something you have been working on at home - perhaps your Things To Look Forward To Jar,Topic work or Art Story Quilts.

Lots to do this week again. Take a look at the Animal War Heroes mini project and choose your winning 500 word stories ahead of this Friday's Grand Final on BBC Radio 2.

Congratulations Sophie - Strawberry Fair Winner

Well done to Sophie for winning the Art section, after entering the Strawberry Fair competition, with her marvellous creation of her magical mosaic dragon. I think you will all agree, it is a worthy winner - stunning artwork. Great job for entering Sophie. You will all be able to enjoy seeing Sophie's magical picture next year exhibited at Cambridge's Strawberry Fair event 2021.

Willow are very proud of you.smiley

Wk/c 8.6.20 Home Learning

Animal War Heroes Project

Hello Willow Class,

I'm have been very impressed with the 'Story Quilts' I've seen so far.  I have added Toby's and Molly's to our class gallery - have a look, you might want to magpie some of their ideas or techniques.  I was hoping some of you would like to share your quilts during our Zoom meetings - if you do, make sure that you have them with you when you log in.


For Art, I'm going to give you another week to work on the quilts before I set another task, as I know some of you are still working on them.  If you have already finished, I challenge you to add another 'square' to your quilt representing your experience of the lockdown. 


For French this week we are revising birthdays.  I would like you to look at pages 16 and 17 of the activity booklet.  What can you remember? Try asking friends and family when their birthdays are - in French.  (Remember you can contact your classmates- and teachers - on Purple Mash.)


Have fun!  


Wk/c 1.6.20

Welcome back Willow. We hope that you and your families are well and that you enjoyed a happy and sunny half-term. smiley

As we said in our last Purplemash email to you all, this week sees the return to school for some Reception and Year 1 children (with some Year 6 children returning the following week.) For now, Willow class (and Ash) will remain learning at home until the Government provide teachers with further instructions. 

We understand that this decision will make some of you sad and perhaps others happy. However, it will be lovely to 'see' you all again (remotely) so we have planned Zoom meetings for each year group next week (dates are included in the weekly letter below and invitation details will follow via Parentmail.)

Well done and thank you to all your parents/carers who continue to look after you at home and support your learning activities - we hope that you enjoy the suggestions for this week. As always, we would be delighted to hear from you, sharing any work or pictures/photographs. Please get in touch too if we can give you any help or advice.

Continue to enjoy the beautiful weather - get outdoors and take up these sporting challenges.

Visit   60 Second Physical Activity Challenges

Wk/c 1.6.20 Home Learning

Classroom Secrets Home learning Pack Year 4

Classroom Secrets Home learning Pack Year 5

WhiteRose Yr 4

Yr 4 Answers WhiteRose

WhiteRose Yr5

WhiteRose Answers Yr5

Welcome back.  I hope that you all enjoyed the lovely weather over the half term break, and are now ready to resume our home learning activities.

In French, we will continue to reflect on what we have already learnt in  class this year.  This week we are revising days and months.  Please use page 9 and 12 of the activity booklet to help you with the tasks on page 13, 14 and 15 (if you're feeling brave!)

For Art, the challenge is to create a story quilt, all about you, based on the colourful work of American artist, Faith Ringgold. (See the next block for details and examples.)

Don't forget to email us photos of your work, so we can add them to our class gallery.  

Have fun!smiley

Science lesson week 6

Strawberry Fair Writing and Art Competition

We thought Willow would be interested in taking part in this 'magical' creative competition, as an optional extra activity (maybe one you might like to do next week, over half-term.)

Strawberry Fair, which takes place in Cambridge every year, will be taking place virtually this year due to Covid restrictions. The organizers have teamed up with Cambridge 105 Radio to launch 2 exciting competitions.

Story Writing: Theme 'Magic'. Write a story (500 words or less) The winning story will be read on the radio on Saturday 6th June between 1-2pm.

Art Competition: Send your magical creations - drawings, paintings, photographs. (Theme:Magic)

DEADLINE THURSDAY 28th MAY 2020. Include first name only and age.

Send to:  See website for all other details and conditions.

As always, we would be delighted to share your entries too and provide support/feedback if desired.



Wk/c 18.5.20

Welcome to another busy week learning at home. It is Mental Health Awareness UK this week and the theme is KINDNESS. There are lots of free resources on Twinkl and good websites, including NHS, to support our own and the children's wellbeing. I have included a pdf document which I thought you might like - Create a Things To Look Forward To Jar.

Thank you for all your emails sharing your written work, projects and photographs. We really enjoy seeing what you are doing and providing support. Please find below a letter with some suggested learning activities for this week and attached resources. There is no expectation that you should do all of the home-learning tasks and we have left all previous weeks' suggestions on the website, in order for you to put together a timetable that best suits you and your child. However, some daily Maths and English (including reading) is preferable. As always, do keep in touch and contact us on

Have a lovely week; be kind.

Home Learning 18.5.20

English - Pobble Jurassic

English Challenges

WhiteRose Maths - to accompany the videos at

Classroom Secrets Home-learning Pack Yr4

Hello everyone! I hope you and your families are all well.

Thank you for your Book of Hopes illustrations - I have added them to our gallery.  Have a look, I think you'll be impressed.  This week I would like you to choose one of the illustrators from The Book of Hopes (or another illustrator of your choice.)  Look carefully at their style and media they have used.  Your challenge is to create an illustration in their style.  

Well done those of you who are doing the French activities I suggested (I bumped into one family, during my daily walk, who had been playing 'Simon Says'!) and I know some of you are getting extra support and lessons from mums, dads, brothers, sisters and grandparents.  Bravo!  This week, I suggest we reflect on French numbers. Page 9 of the activity booklet will help you complete page 10 and 11.  Look carefully for the clues on page 11 to help you answer the question, 'Quel âge as-tu?'

I look forward to sharing your work. 

Mrs Woodroff


Wk/c 11.5.20

It was wonderful to see the bunting, decorating many houses in the village on Friday 8th May, as we remembered and celebrated 75 years since VE day in 1945. If you had a tea-party, please send us your photographs or write us a recount. 

Please read the attached word document outlining this week's suggested home-learning activities.

Wk/c 11.5.20 HOME LEARNING

Pobble May 11th TEAPOTS

Home Learning Pack Yr4

Classroom Secrets Pack 11.5.20 with links to BBC Bitesize lessons Yr4 Pupil

Classroom Secrets 11.5.20 Parent Guidance Yr4

Home Learning Pack Yr5

Classroom Secrets Pupil pack 11.5.20 with links to BBC Bitesize Yr5

Classroom Secrets 11.5.20 Yr5 Parent Guidance

Science lesson week 4

Wk/c 4.5.20

THANK YOU and well done to all of WILLOW pupils and parents/carers who continue to work, teach, learn and play at home. We can see from your photographs, pictures, work and emails, what a fantastic job you are all doing!

One of the themes for this week's home-learning activities is 'THANK YOU'. Please take a look at the documents below.

As always, we are delighted to receive and share your news from home about how you are getting on - contact us as usual via the class email or

on Purplemash 2email. (If you haven't yet been in touch, it would be lovely to hear from you.)


Home-Learning 4.5.20

Pobble - THANK YOU

VE Day - We'll Meet Again 1945-2020

Home-Learning 4.5.20 ART

Home-Learning 4.5.20 FRENCH For the next few weeks we will be reflecting on topics we've already covered this year. Therefore, I have uploaded a work booklet and will suggest pages to focus on each week. This week our topic is greetings - pages 5-6.

Wishing Captain Thomas Moore a very Happy 100th Birthday Today.

A veteran soldier in World War II, Tom Moore has raised over £30 million for the NHS by walking lengths of his garden. What an achievement! 

Born 30th April 1920

Wk/c 27.4.20


Thank you Willow, for all your super work at home (and well done to all your adult home-teachers too.)

We have really enjoyed sharing your email news and pictures/photographs of your activities - you can see some for yourself below, in our Gallery. Please do continue to keep in touch. 

Lots more exciting and creative learning tasks for you to do this week, from Art and French to a Big Write and Geography map making. We hope you will ask an adult to look at the documents attached with you and enjoy diving in!



Wk/c 27.4.20 Home-Learning


We have included these links to text books we use in school to allow children to reflect on the learning they have done so far.  The expectation for Home Learning at this time is not on parents being required to teach areas not yet covered.  The curriculum will be planned accordingly to make up for this when we return to school. Therefore, we suggest that pupils use Text Book B, most topics having already been covered in class, to reflect on their learning so far, not attempt to tackle new, untaught topics. 


Year 4:

Year 5:



Take a look at the artist SIR QUENTIN BLAKE'S wonderful rainbow illustrations. You can find all 10 designs to view on his website The illustrator, who is 87 years old and best known for his work with Roald Dahl, created these images during Covid Lockdown.

Mrs. de Lancey-Wheeler's favourites are the lady with rainbow hair and the man with his own personal rainbow under his arm.


Which ones do you like best and why? Try taking inspiration from Sir Quentin Blake by creating and drawing your own rainbow illustrations. Take a photo and email them in to us. smiley



Wk/c 20.4.20 Summer Term.

Welcome Back WILLOW. We hope you and your families remain well and enjoyed a sunny Easter break.

In addition to the weekly work and general suggestions to support your learning at home, we are very excited to set you off on another time-travelling adventure. I wonder which time in history you will be exploring?

Please do take a careful look at the files below and make sure a grown-up checks them out too.


As always, you can contact each other, Mrs. de Lancey-Wheeler or Mrs. Woodroff via 2Email PurpleMash

                and your parents can contact us on our class email

Have Fun. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing your news and activities.



Wk/c 20.4.20


Thank you and well done, to all children and parents/carers for your fantastic work, resourcefulness and resilience over the last 2 weeks. Mrs. Woodroff and I have thoroughly enjoyed receiving your emails, photos and copies of work. smiley

Today is the last day of the Spring term and we would have been eagerly anticipating our Poetry Aloud event. However, I hope that you have continued to enjoy sharing the poems and maybe will take the opportunity to put on your own recitation and poetry reading show at some point. Remember our song too Willow? - Reach for your Dreams.

Finally, we wish you all a restful and safe Easter break. Enjoy spending time with your families and we shall look forward to hearing all about your experiences.  (You can still contact us on:

                 our class email and via pupil's Purplemash email.)




Easter Escapades - what has Willow class been up to? You can send a photo of your adventures at home!

Wk/c 30.3.20 & Easter Holidays                                                                             Willow Home Learning 


Dear Willow,

We hope that you and your families remain fit and healthy. Well done, for all the fantastic work and activities that you have been doing at home with parents/carers. Thank you for your messages on Purplemash - keep staying in touch.


In addition to the Science & Art tasks, here are some ideas for you over the next few weeks:

  • Purplemash - English Greek Myths. Trojan Horse News report. This can be done online or you can produce your own paper copy. Use our learning in class to write a newspaper report 'Trick or Treat'. Remember the key features of report writing and try to include direct & reported speech.
  • Keep A Diary - these are historic times. Find out about Samuel Pepys' diary - what did he write about?
  • plazoom - check out free literacy lessons & topic packs.
  • Purplemash - Paint Project. Medusa, Pandora's Box.
  • Maths - Try WhiteRose lessons online -
  • Maths - Measures. Cooking and baking - weighing ingredients.      
  •              Telling the Time - converting analogue/digital. Try to use and introduce time-telling                 into everyday tasks.



Willow Home Learning Art Challenge

David Walliams is reading one audio story every day for the next 30 days (beginning this week.)

 Go to his website and enjoy The World's Worst Children daily at 11am 'Elevenses'.



Hello Willow Children and Parents                                                                                    25.3.20

We hope that you are getting used to working and playing at home more. This lovely weather certainly helps when taking your once-a-day exercise. Just a reminder to parents that if they have any questions, concerns or feedback, they are able to contact us on        


Purplemash email - Willow class, remember that you can stay in touch with each other and contact Mrs de Lancey-Wheeler & Mrs Woodroff too. It would be lovely to hear what you are doing to keep busy. smiley




Hello Everyone                                                                                                                  23.3.20

Most importantly, we hope you are all safe and well.

In addition to the Home-Learning Packs, we would like to draw your attention to another online learning platform, as recommended by our advisory team.

This features English and Maths activities for each year group.

Best Wishes



Dear Willow Pupils and Parents                                                                                       18.3.20

Today your child brought home a Home Learning Pack, which contains a range of cross-curricular activities to explore in order to support reflection, consolidation and continued learning over the next period of time.

The school will be sending regular updates and information. Keep an eye on the website and class pages too.

We wish you all well and take care.

                                                     Mrs. de Lancey-Wheeler & Mrs.Woodroff

Welcome back Willow Class,


We hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and are now well rested and ready to travel back in time to Ancient Greece.  Please take a look at the cross-curricular map below to find out what lies ahead.


If you have any resources at home that would support our topic please bring them into school. Thank you.


                                                                                        Mrs. de Lancey-Wheeler & Mrs. Woodroff

Spring Topic Web 2020

Willow class make ice cream (and learn about states of matter too!)

Teeth - Willow class have been learning about their teeth and how to keep them healthy.

Learning about the digestive system

Elephant documentaries

Still image for this video
Willow class have been learning about how species fit into their habitats and how changes in their habitats can threaten the survival of species. We watched a film about the threats posed to elephants when their habitat is in conflict with farmland and how the International Fund for Animal Welfare helps to move them to safety. Then we made our own documentaries. Some of the larger videos are on our new videos page, which you can get to through a link on the parents information tab.

The Great Escape!

Willow class was investigating air resistance in science. We looked at the way that the shape of an object can increase or decrease the resistance it has to water and air by watching the Bloodhound experiments on the internet. Streamlining an object can decrease its resistance; however, sometimes it is helpful to increase air resistance, for example, when falling from a height. To find out how much air resistance it would take to protect an egg, Willow class designed parachutes to carry their eggs safely from the top of the climbing frame down to the ground. Have a look at the picture to see what happened when we tested them!

Willow's science topic - electricity

Q: What did Willow Class do on the afternoon of Thursday 19th May?

A: They made quiz boxes!

As part of their science topic on electricity, children in Willow class put all their electrical knowledge and design skills to the test to make quiz boxes. Each box poses a question with a choice of answers. Press the button next to your answer and see if the bulb lights up! If the buzzer sounds, you've made a mistake! It was quite a challenge to make sure the circuits were correctly wired and even more of a test to finish the box neatly so that all the workings were hidden away inside. Have a look at the pictures to see how they got on.

Chloe and Rachel's quiz boxKeira's quiz boxAmber and Miriam's quiz boxJordan and Alex's quiz box


Get writing over the weekend or finish off your garden/nature inspired poem, to be handed in on Monday 14th March please, with name and year on the front.


Remember your entry forms should be in on Monday 7th March, if you are entering the competition.

Go on, give it a go!

Toothpaste experiments


For our work on teeth, we carried out some experiments on different makes of toothpaste. These are similar to the experiments carried out by scientists who develop toothpastes for sale in the shops. We tested them for foaminess and taste. We made our tests fair by testing the same amount of toothpaste for the same length of time, and we recorded our results. Have a look at the pictures of our tests!

Our toothpaste experiments