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TUES 23rd and WED 24th MARCH
Dear Willow Parents/Carers
If you have booked an appointment for next week's meetings, you should have received a message via Dojo with the Zoom invite details.
Please note that these meetings are 10 minute slots and we appreciate your support in helping us maintain punctuality for all.
The main purpose of the meeting will be for us to discuss your child's experience learning at home and their transition returning to the classroom. If you have any other questions or concerns, we suggest messaging us prior to the meeting, in order for us to best prepare and manage your meeting time effectively.
If you did not manage to make a booking, but now wish to do so, please contact us and we shall try to accommodate you.
Thank you - Mrs. de Lancey-Wheeler

Together We Are Stronger - Welcome Back Willow 8th March 2021

Timetable Guide Wk/c 1.3.21

THE BLACK HAT: You may choose to complete some of the other activities in the pack.

Wk/c 22.2.21 Timetable Guide

Optional Extension Science/Geography

Health and Wellbeing Activity Pack

Wk/c 8.2.21 Timetable Guide

Children's Mental Health Week 

Wk/c 1.2.21 Timetable Guide

Times Tables Colour by Numbers

English - Pobble Controlling the Weather

FIRST NEWS 22-28th Jan Read All About It - Online Newspaper

Visit National Oak Academy's Virtual Library

Science/Music - Make Your Own Instruments

Wk/c 25.1.21 Timetable Guide 

Watch Dame Evelyn Glennie KS2 BBC Bitesize.

English Enrichment - King of the Sky

Art - Part 2 - WB 25.1.21

PE Mission Accomplished - Alien Attack. Amber's Alien Obstacle Course.

Wk/c 18.1.21 Timetable Guide

ENGLISH Wk/c 18.1.21

FIND AMAZING ALIENS booklet at:            KS2 Yr4 


You may choose to print off paper copies to work through OR work from the screen into your exercise books.


Zoom Meeting 18.1.21    1.30pm

Please note: You will also receive an invite to a Willow Zoom on the afternoon of Monday 18th next week. The Amazing Alien work that we will talk about and share will be that morning's English. 


The reading comprehension booklets included in home-learning packs from school, can also be undertaken as optional additional English work.

Art - week starting 18.1.21 Please see Class Gallery for examples of work.

French - week starting 18.1.21 (an optional extra)

Optional Extras: Resources and Suggestions

Willow Home Learning

Please use the timetable to support the structure of your learning daily. In order to provide consistency across the class/year groups and between children in school and at home, it would be appreciated if you could only cover that day's work. The timings of when your child does what within the day can remain flexible around your routines. However, if you have siblings in other classes, it may be more practical to have them all learning English, Maths etc at the same time. If you having difficulties printing off paper copies, your child can work from screen, recording answers and responses in books.

There is a legal requirement for us to provide a minimum of 4 hours learning a day. There are some pieces of work that are highlighted in red which we would like submitted as evidence (in addition to the exercise books, which will be collected on our return to school.) Please try to submit these pieces (either a photograph or electronic copy) by the following Monday to class emails. 

We would still love to celebrate the learning and all your efforts at home so please join us for the Friday Zoom assemblies.

PurpleMash: If your child has forgotten their login details, please email us. We may contact your child via their PurpleMash email and they can contact each other and their teachers. 

Once again, thank you for your continued support at this difficult time. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us on



Please note: If there is a Purplemash 2do or activity set after a video link lesson, you will

                      improve your scores and extend your learning by watching the tuition video 

                      first. In Maths, watch the WhiteRose video with the 'have-a-go' examples,

                      before you start the linked worksheet to maximise your understanding.

TIMETABLE Wk/c 11.1.21


Please note that paper copies of the GPS Classroom Secrets learning has been provided for the first 2 weeks in your Home Learning Packs from school (collection Friday 8th Jan)

Electronic copies are provided below for parents to access answers and guidance.

Please note: If you were unable to collect your child's home-learning packs with paper copy GPS booklets, the directed work set includes 2 pages for that day, one from Yr3 and Yr4 Classroom Secret pack. For eg. 11.1.21 complete Monday's page from Yr3 pack and then move onto Monday from Yr4.

(We have used the previous year group's packs in order to consolidate on prior learning and include new skills that have yet to be taught due to catch-up from previous school closure.)


Parents can find video tuition to support learning at the following links:     Autumn Week 9     Autumn Week 11

If you are unable to print off paper copies, your child can record answers in their Maths books and/or work from the video examples.


Times Tables Challenge 

We've been making great progress with our times tables this term.  The website below is a fantastic place to test your knowledge and increase your speed. Have fun!

Welcome to Willow

Happy New Year - 'Welcome back' Willow Epic Explorers.


We hope you and your Families are well and were able to enjoy a restful break over Christmas.


After Monday's announcement of school closure, our plans are in the process of change and Willow will put on hold our Spring term topic. We shall post weekly work on our class page which will include daily English (Classroom Secrets Home Learning Packs and Pobble activities) - Reading and Writing (GPS), Maths (WhiteRose) and another Foundation subject (this may be in the form of a cross-curricular mini-topic.)


You may continue to contact Lancey-Wheeler and Mrs.Woodroff on our class

Coming Home by Michael Morpurgo 

ENGLISH and GEOGRAPHY - 6.1.21 -8.1.21

Literacy Shed website. Listen and watch the animated video and reading of this poetic tale. Make notes of how planet Earth, our home, is different to the other planets we have learnt about in the solar system.

Make a list of all the geographical physical features and landscape eg. mountains and any examples of weather and climate.

Extra activities - Try the writing tasks on Literacy Shed. Recounting the journey from Robin's viewpoint.


By the end of this first full week (Wk/c 7.9.20) your Yr4/5 child should come home with a 'reading book' from school and their purple Reading for Pleasure Journal. The reading books are made up of 'free reader' fiction books (from our 'bubble' library selection) and for some children, accompanied by schemed books too, to support their continued decoding.

Your child will have been guided by an adult in selecting their 'free reader' books, however, if your child is struggling with the level of text (decoding and comprehension) then we can make suitable changes. Please be patient, as this process may take a little while to get right.

The AIM at this level in school, is reading for pleasure. Children are,of course,allowed (and encouraged) to read additional books from home too.

Reading for Pleasure Journals:

are like scrapbook diaries, to record our explorations as a reader. During and after completing any book or text, please encourage your child to write down for eg. any new words and meanings, draw and write about an interesting character, write a short book recommendation. YOU WILL FIND FURTHER GUIDANCE IN THE JOURNAL and more to follow over the next few weeks, in order to know how best to support your child.

Parents/carers are also allowed to write in the Journals. We shall collect in Journals every few weeks to monitor reading routines and support progression, giving advice on 'what to read next' and offering opportunities to read from a range of genres and authors.

Please try to keep the school 'reading books' and Journal in bags daily (take them out to read at home and put back in bags.) If your child has finished their book(s) they just need to let the Willow Staff know and they can be changed.

Your child will participate in additional daily reading activities in school, from class shared texts, guided reading groups, reading for research and listening to a range of cross-curricular books read by Staff.

If you have any questions or would like further advice on how to support your child's reading, please contact us on the class email



Keeping Safe In School - WILLOW

Willow class make ice cream (and learn about states of matter too!)

Teeth - Willow class have been learning about their teeth and how to keep them healthy.

Learning about the digestive system