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At Fen Drayton Primary School, we take safeguarding very seriously. All our staff are trained to spot the signs of abuse or neglect and how to report their concerns. We aim to create a caring and respectful environment where children are encouraged to talk to an adult about things that worry them. We work with parents to support children to thrive.

Staff keep records of concerns about children and will inform parents of their concerns, except in cases where to do so might place the child at greater risk. On occasion, staff may report a concern about a child, which, on further investigation, turns out to be unfounded. In these cases, we ask parents to accept that we are acting in what we believe to be the child's best interests even if we risk upsetting parents. 

We only share information securely and sensitively and in accordance with Information Sharing protocols.

The Designated Safeguarding Lead is Nina McQueen and the deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads are Helen Cooper and Marianne Brock. The Safeguarding Governor is Hannah Oldridge.