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Timetable Week Beginning 1st March

Timetable Week Beginning 22nd Feb

Year 6 Weekly Maths Challenge: This week's challenge is an investigation with a literacy link! You could use your current reading book to investigate letter frequency. How will you use the data when planning your investigation? You could use a sample page or a certain number of letters. Multiples of 100 letters would make percentage comparisons easier. Can you predict whether certain letters will be more or less common? What is the best way to record results, and when you have collected your results, how do they compare to other people's? If you have books written in other languages, it would be fascinating to compare them to their English books. What other ideas for related investigations do you have?

Oak class will have their weekly zoom assembly on a Friday at 9:30am with Mrs McQueen. Details will be sent out each week.



Please use the timetable to support the structure of your learning daily. In order to provide consistency across the class/year groups and between children in school and at home, it would be appreciated if you could only cover that day's work. The timings of when your child does what within the day can remain flexible around your routines. However, if you have siblings in other classes, it may be more practical to have them all learning English, Maths etc at the same time. If you having difficulties printing off paper copies, your child can work from screen, recording answers and responses in books.


There is a legal requirement for us to provide a minimum of 4 hours learning a day. There are some pieces of work that are indicated which we would like submitted as evidence (in addition to the exercise books, which will be collected on our return to school.) Please try to submit these pieces (either a photograph or electronic copy) by the following Monday to class emails. 



Practise your multiplication tables  

Practise some Yoga

Daily 10


Another way to practise some mental maths and calculation