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Visit from the Science Centre

On Wednesday 22nd March, Ash class had a visit from the Cambridge Science Centre. The children had been learning about forces and magnets during their science lessons this term, and were looking forward to the Forces Show and Land Yacht workshop! The children impressed the Science Centre staff with their knowledge of forces and how quickly they grasped the explanation of Newton's three laws of motion. The explanations were vividly demonstrated with the use of a very large balloon which whizzed around the room and a hoverboard which kept going until it was pushed by another force. After the demonstrations, it was time to make their land yachts. The children followed the instructions to make the body of the yacht and then tried out their own designs for masts and sails. Finally, it was time to race the yachts in the hall. Propelled by a large fan, the yachts sailed with varying degrees of success across the floor in heats and finals, until the winner was declared - it was Emerson! Everyone enjoyed their final treat - a ride on the hoverboard! You can read what the children said about their day in their science books - or look at the pictures below!