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Science lesson - making fake snow!

In the last science lesson of the year, Willow class made up for the lack of snow by creating their own ‘fake snow’. The aim was to imitate scientists inventing new compounds by combining varying quantities of different materials to discover the best way to make snow. We made it a competition to see who could build the best (tallest, or most well-designed) snowman. We had discovered from previous experiments that it was important to measure and record the quantities of the ingredients we used in order to improve our recipes for our later attempts. We had a lot of fun with baking powder, cornflour, salt, shaving foam, vinegar and water and of course, made a lot of mess, but we also learnt lots about how to get the consistency we wanted and how different ingredients improved or worsened the mixture. Here are some photos from the early part of the experiment and one of the winning snowmen. Well done to Ellie and Jacob, who made the tallest snowman, and Martha and Jayden who made the best-designed snowman.