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Science day 2017

Where can you launch a rocket, watch a volcano erupt, make your own brand of perfume and build a crane, all in the same day? At Fen Drayton's 2017 Science day! Children explored and investigated all kinds of fascinating experiments on 3rd November. Maple class looked at how we use our senses, explored the aerodynamics of paper aeroplanes and investigated what happened when you mixed together different ingredients, like oil and water and food colouring. Ash class investigated colour and light, discovered how forensic scientists work and learnt about different types of volcano. In Willow class, the children found out how engineers solve practical problems when making a fan with gears, investigated how different types of rocket are propelled and learnt how atoms are put together to form molecules in materials such as water, vinegar and sugar. Children in Oak class explored the properties of mysterious substances like paint, cornflour and shower gel, which are part liquid, part solid, built a crane using a pulley and discovered some of the problems scientists had to solve when sending Tim Peake into space. Have a look at the photos below to see what happened! I'd like to thank Mr Routh, Mr Gilbert and Katya Goodwin, who lent their expertise in science to some of the activities, and all our parent volunteers who gave up their time to help us have a lot of fun!