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Science day

We had a wonderful Science day on 12th November! Everyone spent the day doing lots of experiments and finding out about different scientific topics that they wouldn't normally learn. We welcomed Lisa Taylor from Mundipharma, who did a workshop for each class: Maple class visited Teddy Bear's hospital, learning about different bones and parts of the body; Ash class found out how sounds are made and how they travel to our ears; Oak and Willow learnt how Mundipharma make medicines and made their own bath bomb! In the other sessions, children improved their understanding of fair testing, for example, when finding out which Autumn leaves fall the fastest, Maple class dropped pairs of leaves from the same height at the same time; Ash class tested which material conducts heat the best by putting spoons made of different materials into warm water - each spoon had a bead fastened onto the top with a blob of butter. As the heat from the water travelled up the spoon, the butter melted and the bead fell off. The children knew that they had to put the spoons into the same temperature water at the same time and use the same amount of butter to fasten the bead, otherwise they wouldn't be testing the materials fairly. Oak class used algebra in a session led by Mr Routh to find the size of box with the greatest area. Willow class revised their understanding of healthy eating and then investigated whether or not they were super-tasters by counting the number of taste buds on each others' tongues and comparing the distribution of super-tasters, tasters and non-tasters in their own class with the national average. We had a great time and would like to thank Lisa Taylor, Mundipharma and Mr Routh, as well as our parent helpers for their support. Have a look at the photos below to see what we were doing!