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Maths week

We held a hugely successful Maths Week during the week of 23rd - 27th January. Each class used their growth mindset to improve their maths learning and puzzles from the youcubed website to carry out some fun mathematical challenges.  On the Friday, all the children took part in the Marble Maze - Key Stage 2 in the morning and Key Stage 1 in the afternoon.  The children worked in mixed groups with a Year 2 or Year 6 leader. One team member was nominated to have a go at each challenge, while the others cheered and supported.  Marbles were awarded for correct answers as well as great team work, resilience and resourcefulness.  At the end of the day, each group counted up their marbles and gained a second in the ball pit for each marble. Every group had great fun collecting as many silver tokens as they could!   We had many positive comments about the day and week from children, staff and parents, and I would like to thank all the children, staff and parent volunteers for helping to make the week such a success.  We look forward to next year's maths week!