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Computing day

On Monday 25th February we started our computing week, with each class spending the morning on computing activities.  Ash class experimented with tilt and motion sensors using Lego WeDo and set each other maze coding challenges using our Cozmo robots; Maple class used the Lego kits to build and program science rover robots that had to work collaboratively to move objects, and also solved simple coding problems (debugging algorithms) with Cozmos and BlueBots;  Willow class built and programmed a variety of robots (including a particularly flatulant kitten named Arthur...) using our Lego Mindstorms and Boost kits, and finally Oak class constructed a Mars exploratory outpost with a number of coding and engineering challenges that kept them busy for most of the day!

All the children demonstrated remarkable levels of resilience, resourcefulness, readiness, responsibility and reflection during the activities and also had lots of fun learning more about coding and problem solving.