Fen Drayton Primary School

Vision and Values

We are a thriving school at the heart of Fen Drayton, where pupils and staff have a thirst for learning and are happy, healthy, and safe.  

To achieve our vision, we: 

·set high expectations for all staff and pupils 

·create an inclusive environment with no ceiling on learning 

·adopt a mastery approach in all subjects 

·expect everyone to be a learner – staff as well as pupils 

·deliver an exciting and modern curriculum 

·expect excellent behaviour, reinforced through a positive, therapeutic approach 

·place emphasis on everyone’s wellbeing  

·have a shared vision by all stakeholders 


Our values are the 6R's:

Readiness- Be 'ready' to have a go at learning and be curious

Responsibility- Be 'responsible' for your own learning and behaviour

Resilience- Be 'resilient' when learning gets tough

Reflection- 'Reflect' on how to improve your learning

Resourcefulness- Look for ways to help yourself more

Respectful- 'Respect' yourself and others

On Friday's we have our values assembly where individual children are recognised for going above and beyond in one of the 6R's.