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Swallows Home Learning

Home Learning 29.11.21

Home Learning timetable 29.11.21 

Traction Man Picture  

Home learning 22.11.21

 Swallows Home Learning overview 22.11.21

Traction Man resources wk2

Traction Man's new sub-aqua suit

Waterproof Investigation Results Table

 Home learning 15.11.21

Home learning timetable 

Dress traction man 

How to make a finger puppet 

Outfit design  

Toys- Now and Then 

Friday 19th November is Anti-Bullying Day- you can take part at home by wearing your odd socks and watching and completing the following activities.


Anti-Bullying Powerpoint 

Please complete at least 3 of the activities below:

Helping hand 

What I want in a friend 

How can I be a good friend? 

'Kind or unkind?' sorting 

Anti-Bullying discussion