Fen Drayton Primary School

Strategic Aims

Fen Drayton School Strategic Aims


Our vision is to create a thriving school at the heart of Fen Drayton, where pupils and staff have a thirst for learning and are happy, healthy, and safe. Our strategic aims will enable us to achieve this.


Set high expectations for all staff and pupils by creating an inclusive environment with no ceiling on learning

 To do this we will:

 Have effective and reactive monitoring to support every child’s progress

  • Communicate clear expectations to both staff and pupils
  • Support high quality leadership and leadership skills throughout FDPS
  • Ensure effective performance management


Deliver an exciting and modern curriculum through quality teaching

 To do this we will:

 Have a coherent, carefully sequenced curriculum

  • Have confident subject leads championing their subject across the school
  • Deliver well thought out, effective learning environments
  • Support learning with a range of relevant enrichment activities


Expect excellent behaviour, reinforced through a positive, therapeutic approach 

 To do this we will:

 Use the school values of the 6Rs to build self-confidence, self-esteem, sense of identity for the child and also to instil and celebrate diversity and inclusion

  • Closely monitor behaviour and behaviour management for the benefit of the whole community


To place emphasis on everyone’s wellbeing

 To do this we will: 

 Provide a safe, welcoming and pleasant environment for the whole school community

  • Maintain the safety of the whole school community through regular audits and training where appropriate
  • Build a culture of continuous improvement
  • Provide opportunities and support for staff to develop knowledge, skills and well being


To have a shared vision by the full school community

To do this we will:

  • Value everyone’s input and feedback and create opportunities for open dialogue and clear communication
  • Regularly check that all stakeholder’s needs are being met
  • Continue to strengthen engagement with the school community and increase visibility in the wider community


To continue strong and responsible financial management

 To do this we will:

 continue to protect public money by ensuring value for money – benchmarking, efficiencies; closely monitoring variances to forecasts; monitoring the probity of internal finance procedures

  • strengthen the clear demonstrable links between FDPS’ budgeting and our plan for raising standards and attainment
  • project budgets forward a minimum of two years using the best available information and recommend action accordingly