Fen Drayton Primary School

Strategic Aims

Fen Drayton School Strategic Aims

1. to engage with other local schools and local education leaders to make informed decisions and to take timely action about the future governance structure of FDPS with a view to retaining our School ethos, including but not limited to, our whole primary school status

For us this means:

• we will not necessarily be at the forefront of change but a fast-follower.

• we will be proactive but not over-hasty.

• we will have 'red lines' beyond which we will be extremely reluctant to go or unwilling to relinquish


2. to continue to provide an enriched, broad curriculum taking into consideration national guidance and direction

For us this means:

• we will keep as broad a range of activity in each subject as possible

• we will not focus solely on core curriculum

• we will be educating the whole child (incl Ethics Council, RRS, etc)

• we will have capacity through the premises to achieve this aim

• we will have an aspirational curriculum delivered inspirationally

This will include having the premises to deliver; the trained staff; suitable transportation or access arrangements


3. to prioritise excellence in staffing

For us this means:

• we will value all the staff not just teachers

• we will develop all of our staff along mutually agreed lines, responding wherever possible to development needs identified by them and others

• we will develop and embed sustainable high quality, robust leadership & leadership skills throughout FDPS

• we will take care to engage staff in dialogue, value their contributions and be prepared to act on them

• we will work proactively for the well-being and self-esteem of staff

• we will have lines of communication that will acknowledge jobs done well

• we will develop capacity to implement our aims as well as capability to implement them


4. to support every child to allow them to continue to make progress throughout their FDPS career

For us this means:

• we will provide opportunities for every child to make expected or better than expected progress from their arrival at FDPS

• we will monitor the progress of each child and be ready to re-direct resources as appropriate

• we will build a culture of continuous success and achievement

• we will work specifically on themes such as self-confidence, self-esteem and sense of identity.

This relates to growth mindset and 5Rs within current School approach


5. to make the FDPS experience a valued one for every member of the School community For us this means:

• we will check regularly to see that all stakeholders' needs are being met

• we will closely monitor behaviour and behaviour management for the benefit of the whole community

• we will maintain the safety of the whole School community and improve that safety as appropriate, anticipating weaknesses

• we will maintain and improve the premises to a condition that reflects this ethos

• we will pride ourselves on our tolerance of and our watchfulness for the needs of others

• we will strengthen the engagement between all stakeholder groups

• we will embrace, instil and celebrate diversity and inclusion


6. to continue strong and responsible financial management

For us this means:

• we will continue to protect public money (e.g ensuring value for money – benchmarking, purchasing policy, efficiencies; closely monitoring variances to forecasts; monitoring the probity of internal finance procedures)

• we will strengthen the clear demonstrable links between FDPS’ budgeting and our plan for raising standards and attainment (eg seeking ways to sustain 4 class structure)

• we will project budgets forward 3 years using the best available information & recommend action accordingly