Fen Drayton Primary School


The Prevent duty requires all education providers ‘to help prevent the risk of people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism’. This includes safeguarding learners from extremist ideologies and radicalisation.

Most importantly, providers should consider the needs of children, young people and adult learners at each stage of the safeguarding process. Providers should consider radicalisation concerns in line with their existing safeguarding processes, skills and experience.

Managing radicalisation and extremism safeguarding concerns

Safeguarding learners who are susceptible to radicalisation into terrorism depends on effective partnership.

To comply with the Prevent duty, schools, colleges and further education independent training providers must show evidence of:

  • productive co-operation, in particular with local Prevent staff, the police and local authorities
  • co-ordination through existing multi-agency forums


Prevent Leaf- Nina McQueen- Headteacher

All staff at Fen Drayton Primary School have completed the Home Office 'Prevent' training.