Fen Drayton Primary School

Meet the staff

Nina McQueen- Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead

Helen Cooper- Deputy Head, Special Needs Co-ordinator, Owls class teacher

Jane de Lancey-Wheeler- Robins class Teacher, English, History and Geography Lead

Vicki Woodroff- Swallows class teacher, Art and MFL Lead

Jo Cayley- Swallows class Teacher, Maths and Music Lead, Mastery Specialist with Cambridge Maths Hub

Alex Surfleet- Robins class Teacher, Science Lead

Emily Green- Ducklings Class Teacher, RE and Computing Lead

Vicky Hawkins- Owls class Teacher, HLTA, PE Lead


Teaching Assistants- Marianne Brock, Julie Bishop, Julie Leavens, Esteve Cervera and Nicola Popplewell


Sports Coach- Callum Reed


School Business Manager- Wendy Whistler

School Admin Assistant- Nicola Smith


Lunchtime Supervisors- Julie Leavens, Elaine Hart, Julie Del Toro


School Cook- Vic Jones

Assistant Cook- Nicki Clarke


Cleaner- Lisa Youngs