Fen Drayton Primary School



Art & Design 

Art Intent, Implementation & Impact

Art Progression of Knowledge & Skills

Art Progression of Key Vocabulary

Art & Design Long Term Plan


Computing Intent, Implementation & Impact

Computing Progression of Knowledge & Skills 

 Computing Progression of Key Vocabulary

Computing Long Term Plan 

Design & Technology

DT Intent, Implementation & Impact

EYFS DT Progression of Knowledge & Skills

DT Progression of Knowledge & Skills

DT Progression of Key Vocabulary

DT Long term plan


Geography Intent, Implementation & Impact

Geography Progression of Knowledge & Skills

Progression of Geographical Concepts

Geography Progression of Key Vocabulary

Geography Long term plan


History Intent, Implementation & Impact

History Progression of Knowledge and Skills

History Progression of Key Vocabulary

History long term plan


Maths fluency sessions are taught daily in addition to the Maths lesson, to develop mental maths skills. 
Mathematics Intent, Implementation & Impact

Progression of Mental Maths 

Progression of the Four Operations

KS1 Long Term PlanLKS2 Long Term PlanUKS2 Long Term Plan 

Modern Foreign Language

In Key Stage 2, children learn French. 

French Intent, Implementation & Impact

French Progression of Knowledge & Skills 

French Long-term plan


Music Progression of Knowledge & Skills

Phonics & Early Reading 

We follow the Little Wandle Programme for Phonics and Early Reading. 

Phonics and Early Reading Intent, Implementation & Impact

Glossary of Key Terminology

Phonics Overview EYFS & Year 1 

Year 2 Spelling Programme Progression

Physical Education

PE Long Term Plan


PSHE Intent, Implementation & Impact

PSHE Progression of Knowledge & Skills

PSHE Progression of Key Vocabulary
PSHE Long Term Plan

Religious Education

RE Intent, Implementation & Impact

RE Progression of Knowledge and Skills

RE Long Term Plan


Science Intent, Implementation & Impact

Science Progression of Knowledge & Skills

Science Long Term Plan


Writing Intent, Implementation & Impact

Progression in Genres

Progression in Poetry

Text Coverage Long Term Plan

The National Curriculum - Spelling Appendix