Fen Drayton Primary School

Before and After School Provision

Total Sports is run by Mr Reed, who works as a Sports Coach at the school. He offers an active breakfast club as well as after school activities Monday to Wednesday.


Active Breakfast Club -

Children will have a lot to look forward to each week with this fun active session! Children will take part in a different active session each morning running from Monday to Wednesday 8am to 8.50am with an earlier start time of 7.45am if needed.


Prices as of Tuesday 2nd November 2021 will be £2.50 per session from 8am and £3.50 per session from 7.45am.


After School Multi-Sports Club -

These after school sessions will provide stimulating, fun and age-appropriate sport based activities to engage and entertain your children. We will ensure that children get active, have fun and learn new skills!


Each day there will be a different sport, this term it is:

Mondays - Dodgeball

Tuesdays - Gymnastics

Wednesdays - Football


We will offer the following options:

1 – Until 4.15pm. Cost £4 per session. A healthy snack will be provided.

2 – Until 5.30pm. Cost £7 per session. A sandwich/baguette will be provided with a choice of ham, cheese or tuna.


A later pick up of 5.45pm is possible which will be £8 per session.


For any enquiries or for bookings please email totalsportsstars@gmail.com