Fen Drayton Primary School


All schools, including Fen Drayton Primary School, rely more and more on funds generated by themselves and the local community. This is magnified by the fact our school, while highly regarded, is one of the smallest in the county. This comes with its own challenges, when talking about budget and resources, especially in the current economic climate. So, there is even more emphasis on the need for extra funding.

Fen Drayton Primary School has a Parent-Teacher Association, or PTA. Members of the PTA are parents and teachers who offer, when possible, their time, skills, and knowledge to coordinate and organise extra curriculum activities. We would like to have a few more members on the PTA, to help with these events which offer the children opportunities for fun, joy, and learning, while also generating much-needed extra income for the school. This money is allocated to specific activities or purchases that aim to make the children’s experiences at school even better. During COVID-19 the PTA has continued to do what we can to bring some joy to the children but a lot of opportunities were not possible due to restrictions. Some successful events in the past included Christmas jumper days, The annual Fun Run, Summer fayres, Fun Cake Fridays, Summer/Halloween/Leavers' discos, Mother's  and Father's Day gift activities and many more. 


Could you help and give some time to the PTA? If you are interested in joining or have any questions, please contact our Chair at fendraytonpta@gmail.com


Last academic year the PTA were able to provide support to the school through their fundraising events. The PTA paid for-

  • The Year 6 Leavers Hoodies
  • Goodie bags for all children for the Year 6 Leavers Fest and Movie afternoons
  • Giant inflatables for the whole school at the end of term
  • 2 new touchscreen teaching boards
  • A new phonics reading scheme for Reception and KS1 to support the teaching of reading. The books will match the phonics the children will learn each week.


To help give a feel of what it’s like to be part of the PTA, three members have shared their experiences in the hope it inspires you to join:

Peter, Chair of the PTA, says: “I joined the PTA because I want to have the opportunity to support the school, the staff and the children with their activities. It is an excellent way of understanding the needs of the school and how they can be met with the right knowledge and resources. Being part of the PTA is about helping out when available and nothing more, whether that’s through generating and/or helping out with some of the activities.”

Steph has been involved in the PTA for over nine years and says: “It makes me proud to say I have helped our small school raise vital funds. The children absolutely love taking part in the events and it really enriches their time at school. “In ‘normal’ times, we usually meet at the pub for our meetings which gives it a lovely social feel. It’s always nice getting to know each other, and gives you a great sense of the community. I want to reassure people that you can give as much or as little time as you can spare. The more people involved, the easier it becomes as we can share tasks amongst us.”

Kelly joined the PTA last year and says: I really love that we are coming together to try and make things better for the children at the school. We each bring our own unique views and skills to get creative and come up with ideas for fun / new things to try. I must admit, that I thought it would be a lot of work – but I can give what time I can, and that is valued.”

In the meantime, you can support the PTA in raising vital funds every day by:

  1. Doing your online shopping, or ordering that Saturday night takeaway via the link below. It is quick and easy to setup! easyfundraising.org.uk


  1. If you want the chance to win prizes and raise money for the school at the same time, you can also https://www.yourschoollottery.co.uk/lottery/school/fen-drayton-primary