Fen Drayton Primary School

Catch-up funding

As a result of the pandemic in 2020, when children returned to schools in September, we received some additional funding to support children catch up on learning lost during the spring and summer terms, known as catch-up funding. The amount received by Fen Drayton Primary School was £6720.


We began to spend this in November 2020, by employing a teacher to work three afternoons a week with children from Years 1, 2 and 3 on English and Maths. Children were withdrawn from lessons for short sessions to improve their phonic knowledge, reading, writing, spelling and maths. The teacher worked closely with the children's regular class teachers in order to plan the sessions and to feedback outcomes. These interventions have continued every week during the second half of the Autumn term 2020.


From January 2021, catch up funding was used to maintain a 4 class structure. A potential reduction in staff would have meant that we would have had to combine the 2 oldest classes to create one large Y4/5/6 class in the afternoons which would have had an impact on standards. The catch-up funding was therefore used to contribute towards keeping 4 separate classes by appointing teachers to cover the afternoons in one class.