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The children in Oak class have had a fantastic morning today exploring hearts, lungs and a trachea. 

A science ambassador, Lisa Taylor, from Mundipharma paid a visit to Oak class and conducted an amazing dissection session with the children.  We were fortunate to have the opportunity to explore a horse's heart, which was fantastic due to its size and that the children were able to investigate the different vessels in great detail.  Thanks to Tom WB for bringing this in!   

After the horse's heart, the children looked at a trachea and a pair of lungs from a sheep.  We were amazed to feel how light the lungs were  and also how rigid the trachea felt. 

We finished the session listening to our heart beat with stethoscopes.  All in all- a great morning!


Quote of the morning- ' I've got my whole hand inside a horse's heart.'   Ethan

Have a look at the exciting work that Oak Class will be exploring this term.  If you have any books, information or expertise in any of these areas, please speak to Mrs Cooper.

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